Activity/ Lifestyles Manager

The Buckingham Houston, TX

About the Job

POSITION SUMMARY Manages, develops and oversees resident lifestyle/activity program, including planning and coordinating opportunities for residents that promote a level of health, well being, engagement and growth. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The following duties are normal for this position. This list is not to be construed as exclusive or all inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned. + Planning, scheduling and conducting lifestyle programs that provide physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual opportunities for the residents. + Provides leadership, guidance, education, and oversight of healthcare activities assistants. + Provides direction to staff on appropriate activities to meet all the varying needs of all residents. + Educated in dementia training and able to provide guidance and education to team members in the healthcare center + Attends all healthcare and IDT meetings, prepares and attends care plan meetings + Completes initial assessments, care plans, and MDS assessments + Attends all community planned functions and coordinates event from beginning to end including setup, running, and breaking down for the event. + Helps plan appropriate resident programs for holidays and special events. + Coordinates holiday decorations for the community. + Prepares and organizes a calendar of events. Posts and distributes the calendar. + Distributes community newsletter. Meets with new residents to introduce the program. + Provides ongoing communication with residents and, as necessary, family members. + Assists Director in leadership of wellness program. + Organizes and supervises a volunteer staff. + Addresses resident groups and other groups on subjects of common interest. + Maintains a database and prepares reports on resident assessments, participation and satisfaction. + Interacts with residents, guests and staff in at atmosphere of hospitality. + Protects the privacy of the resident when communication oral and written information. + Other duties as assigned by Supervisor.