Research Faculty - Information Systems Lab

Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA

About the Job

The Ted and Karyn Hume Center for National Security and Technology at Virginia Tech is a University level research center that reports to the Vice President of Research and Innovation. Its mission is to cultivate the next generation of national security leaders by developing and executing curricular, extracurricular, and research opportunities to engage students. Renown academic and research faculty from DOD, IC and industry have converged with guidance from an illustrious Board of Advisors constituted by former Directors of NRO and NGA, S&T heads from CIA and NSA, NCTC, etc. One of the fastest growing research centers at VT, sponsors and collaborators benefit from both highly experienced student talent and senior technical leadership that address some of our nation’s greatest security challenges. The Hume team conducts research contracts for the IC, DoD, DHS and Industry. Execution of scope, schedule and cost is complimented by a team of project and program managers. Transition of high impact technology deliverables is effected directly by staff personnel, through industry partnerships and/or numerous individual startups. Opportunity for extramural consulting work also exists. Restricted research is conducted at state of art facilities in Arlington and soon an expansion into a 45,000 sf building in beautiful Blacksburg. Motivated applicants are sought to join as Research Faculty to support rapid growth in our body of programs in resilient C4ISR Missions, Signals Intelligence & Cyber Operations and Autonomy and Orchestration. The winning candidates can expect highly competitive salary and benefits in a university setting. This position has two distinct divisions: Cyber and Data. The Cyber division position seeks individuals with experience in cybersecurity, hardware/software reverse engineering, provably secure computing, and security for embedded/industrial/control systems and networks. Successful applicants will have a mixture of theoretical foundations in areas such as the theory of computing, formal methods, or cryptography; paired with hands-on experience working with real-world security issues. Experience with algorithm design, FPGA development, GPU development, embedded systems and networking, industrial control systems, multi-threaded programming, and Linux-based design tools is desired. Specific experience using Python, C++, reverse engineering tools such as IDA Pro, FPGA development tools such as Verilog/VHDL/CoreFire, and industry-specific embedded platforms is desired. The Data division seeks individuals with experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning, optimization, and statistical data analytics. Successful applicants will have experience applying these tools to a range of data problems, such as time-series analysis, statistical forecasting and inference, and detection/classification. Experience with algorithm design, map-reduce development approaches, GPU development, multi-threaded programming, and Linux-based design tools is desired. Specific experience using Python, R, TensorFlow, Apache Hadoop/Spark/Storm, Caffe/Theano, and C++ is desired. Familiarity with digital communications waveforms and systems is also a plus. Specific responsibilities include the following: (1) support the execution of university sponsored programs by conducting research and development; (2) author technical documents and publish peer-reviewed academic papers; (3) support the development of new funded research programs by participating in and proposal teams and supporting the business development activities of the Hume Center; and (4) provide mentorship to students and junior researchers working on programs. Those appointed to the rank of Senior Research Associate or Senior Research Scientist have additional responsibility for (5) leading program development efforts and serving as principal investigator on research efforts; and (6) serve in a supervisory capacity for students and junior researchers.