Juvenile Correctional Officer I,II,III,IV

Texas State Job Bank GIDDINGS, TX

About the Job

Career Ladder Promotion Opportunity: This position has been established as a TJJD career ladder position. Juvenile Correctional Officers (JCOs) who have not reached the highest level of the JCO I IV career ladder will receive career ladder salary adjustments upon meeting established eligibility criteria per agency policy (PRS.15.08). General Description of Work Performed: The Juvenile Correctional Officer (JCO) I/II/III/IV is responsible for the direct care of juveniles in a correctional setting. The JCO I-IV performs entry-level to complex (journey-level) work supervising youth. The supervision ranges from close to general with the use of initiative and independent judgment ranging from minimal latitude to moderate latitude. The JCO is subject to work overtime and be on call. This is a career ladder series. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS & EXAMPLES OF WORK Serves as a youth supervisor with responsibility for the safety, personal conduct, care, and rehabilitation of the youth. Assumes responsibility for the custody and care of youth through knowledge of and adherence to laws, rules, regulations, policies and standard operating procedures governing the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD). Searches for contraband and provides security; counts, feeds, and supervises assigned youth in dormitories, classroom areas, and other areas; and performs security of various assigned areas. Provides custody and security of assigned youth including constantly observing actions of youth for prolonged periods. Performs "pat" and "strip" searches of youth. Physically restrains and secures sometimes aggressive youth. Transfers and transports youth, on foot and in vehicles and other forms of transportation. Reviews, and properly applies information found in youth records that is related to the youth s health and safety and to the security of the facility; provides appropriate information to other staff; complies with policies, procedures, rules, and regulations; and prepares and maintains records, forms, and reports. Receives competency-based introductory training in various methodologies used in the residential and community service treatment programs. Provides youth supervision and implements group and individual treatment plans. Maintains security in buildings, grounds, and other posts; intervenes during emergencies or altercations to prevent escapes and gain physical control of youth. Supervises movement of youth inside and outside the facility, and takes periodic counts of youth. Supervises youth in a correctional facility in the performance of work activities and during recreational and religious activities, and conducts inspections for health and safety hazards. Interacts critically and constructively with other staff members to develop and implement successful treatment techniques. Develops effective, professional relationships with youth, co-workers, and team members. Assists youth with their personal issues and refers issues to the group in accordance with the principles of the program. Observes and keeps staff informed daily of significant behavioral conditions known about an individual and/or the group. Provides services to potentially aggressive/combative youth in a correctional setting with a wide variety of temperaments (volatile, mentally ill, suicidal) and specialized needs (chemically dependent, sexual offenders, emotionally disturbed, etc.). Learns, understands and demonstrates good judgment following TJJD policies, rules, and procedures. Works under hazardous, stressful conditions, with possible occurrences of extreme heightened stress. Maintains accurate records and files. Performs other related duties as assigned.