Per Diem LPN

Straight and Narrow Paterson, NJ

About the Job

Job Descriptions: Qualifications: Graduate from an approved School of Nursing; Medical/Surgical experience;Current license as an LPN in the state of NJ Knowledge of transcribing doctor’s orders is essential. Good interpersonal skills are essential. Job Specific Responsibilities and Duties: 1. Assists the Registered Nurse. 2. Telephone/Walk-in screenings 3. Dispensing medications to Detox clients and residential clients as per doctor’s order. 4. Recording Doctor’s written orders on the medication sheet. 5. Ordering prescribed medication from the pharmacy. 6. Answering and monitoring calls, in house and outside calls properly. 7. Reports all problems as well as concerns to the RN on duty. 8. Count controlled dangerous substances and record. 9. Maintain par levels on all stock medications. 10. Maintain syringe count on a per Straight and Narrow policy and procedure 11. Maintaining documentation in nurse’s notes. 12. Attending all scheduled nurse’s meetings and in-services. 13. Interview clients upon admission, obtaining information on medical history and substance abuse history for RN assessment notes. 14. Maintains a safe environment for all clients and is familiar with disaster and fire drills. 15. Follow up with medical slip issues. 16. Participates in discharge planning in conjunction with RN and the counselor. Please note Exceptions • The RN does all initial Detox and Clinical assessments, but ongoing care is done by RN’s/LPN’s. • All charge nurses for each shift is an RN. • All verbal phone orders are received by an RN only General Responsibilities and Duties: + Workweek will be as scheduled. Follow Straight & Narrow policies. + Punch in/out on the employee hand recognition time clock and ensure that all staff on unit follows this procedure. Follow Straight & Narrow policy. + Notify supervisor, prior to shift if unable to work due to sickness or personal emergency. + Submit Employee Absence Report to supervisor on day of return to work after taking on or more sick day(s). + Know and enforce Straight & Narrow’s Policies and Procedures. + Ensure Policy and Procedure for Critical Incident Reporting is followed when indicated. + Complete all Straight & Narrow’s annually required trainings for staff. + Attend in-service and other trainings, staff meetings and supervision as scheduled. + Attend all meetings of CQI subcommittees of which you are a member and actively participate. + Take responsibility for keeping Personnel file updated with regard to filing any new degrees or certificates, getting immunizations/medical test as required and keeping any licenses and/or certificates current. + Perform other tasks as necessary or as assigned by a member of Straight & Narrow’s Administration. Americans with Disabilities Act Requirements: + Environment Demands and Exposures to Hazards: Normal work routine involves potential exposure to blood, tissues, body fluid, air/surface borne infections and chemicals. Must be familiar with Straight & Narrow’s “Infection Control Policy & Procedure”. Must also attend agency’s annual training which provides information on “Infection Control Procedures”. Essential Physical/Mental Demands: 1. Physical Demands: + Must be ambulatory + Must have visual/hearing acuity 2. Mental Demands: + Must have verbal ability + Must be able to comprehend instructions + Must be able to write legibly + Must be able to comprehend/interpret charts, diagrams, possess inductive and deductive reasoning 3. Manual Dexterity Required: + Must possess dexterity, stand, sit, walk, lift and carry twenty pounds for short distances American with Disabilities Act Statement: External and internal applicants as well as position incumbents who become disabled, must be able to perform the essential job specific function (listed within each job specific responsibility) either unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation to be determined by the organization on a case by case basis. Required Experience: Graduate from an approved School of Nursing; Medical/Surgical experience; Current license as an LPN in the state of NJ Knowledge of transcribing doctor’s orders is essential. Good interpersonal skills are essential. Keyword: Per Diem LPN From: Straight and Narrow