Paramedic Critical Intensive Care

Community Care Ambulance Network Munson Township, OH

About the Job

POSITION PURPOSE: The Advanced EMT-P is primarily responsible for providing patient care and customer service that meets or exceeds the National Standard of Care for Advanced Life Support personnel and all CCAN standards. The Advanced EMT-P will provide transportation of higher acuity patients between facilities and to the Tertiary Care centers. The paramedic is ultimately responsible for all actions of the entire crew. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: EDUCATION: + Must be 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or GED. + Graduate of an EMT-Paramedic course that meets or exceeds the National Standard Curriculum current standards. + Two years experience as an EMT-P preferred. + Must possess a valid Ohio state certification for Paramedic; + a valid Ohio Driver’s License with an insurable driving record; and + a current ACLS card and CPR card, + PALS/BTLS/Instructor certification preferred. + Must be able to read and write English at the 12th grade level and handwriting must be legible. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Requires bending, twisting, squatting, kneeling, lifting, and other repetitive movements. Must be able to lift onto a stretcher and then carry, with the assistance of a partner, a person weighing not less that 225 pounds. Eyesight must be in compliance with the standards set forth by the O.D.O. T. for day and night driving, and may be corrected with the aid of prescription eyewear. Hearing of low and high frequencies is required and may be corrected with the use of hearing aids. TOOLS USED: All emergency medical supplies and equipment within the scope of practice: + Oxygen tanks and regulators, stretchers, splints, backboards, ET tubes, laryngoscope, etc. + Advanced EMT-P must also demonstrate competencies with 12-lead EKG, infusion pumps, and various medications. + Must be able to function independently. SHIFT: 24 hours shifts SUPERVISED BY: Shift Manager POSITION SUPERVISED: None