Engine Lab Department Test Technician

Jacobs Dearborn, MI

About the Job

**Engine Lab Department Test Technician** **Description** This position is not currently funded\. Conduct a wide variety of non procedural gasoline and diesel engine dynamometer testing\. Support development, durability and performance testing in an engine dynamometer facility\. Collect, review and validate data for accuracy and completeness and make recommendation to engineering\. Fabricate basic fixtures\. Interface with Technologists, Product Engineers, and Supervisors on updates/new test procedures, equipment and methods\. Verify the calibration and maintenance of test equipment and test systems\. Install engines on dynamometer, hook up instrumentation, diagnose / troubleshoot problems, conduct tests, change engine parts if necessary, and remove engine and instrumentation\. **Qualifications** High School Diploma Desired: Working towards an Associate’s Degree in Automotive Technology or related field or equivalent testing experience in Gasoline and Diesel engine testing\. Experience in engines/powertrain dynamometer testing or other similar testing techniques preferred\. Good interpersonal, computer, oral and written skills\. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Unusual or Special Physical Requirements Able to lift 50 lbs, engine parts such as intakes, exhaust parts, heads, drive shafts, and other related engine parts and accessories\- 35% Special clothing/equipment \(wearing\)\- Safety glasses, gloves, hardened toe slip resistant shoes, long parts, short sleeve shirts 100% Unusual physical requirements: Sitting \(50%\), Standing \(50%\), Bending \(25%\), stooping \(25%\)\. Job requires manual labor Engine high noise level while running in the test cell, the employees are not exposed to engine speeds over idle while in the cell\. Work Environment Inside test facility, 100% Hot temperatures generated by engines\. Cold start tests\- the engine can be soaked to \-20F, 50% Hazardous conditions: Rotating equipment, engines, hot exhaust, trip hazards, 100% Equipment and Machines Office equipment/machines electrically/battery operated: Computers, analyzers, 70% Tools used in trade: Basic hand tools, hammer, screw driver, wrenches, ratchets, sockets, and other related engine repair tools, 30% Attendance Two schedules are offered: Monday\-Friday at 8hrs/day and Friday\-Monday at 10 hrs/day May need to flex time to cover other shifts as needed\. Days, afternoons, or midnights for Monday\-Friday schedule\. Days and afternoons for Friday\-Monday schedule\. Regular attendance and punctuality are critical, 100% Work hours are normally 8 hours per day and 5 days per week, Monday\-Friday or 10 hours per day and 4 days per week, Friday\-Monday\. Regular attendance of scheduled hours is extremely important\. Punctuality and regular attendance are necessary\. Must have flexibility of work days to cover weekend testing requirements\. Other Essential Functions Must complete and pass a pre\-employment drug screen, health performance evaluation, and background check\. Must demonstrate professional behavior at all times when dealing with customers, management and co\-workers\. Must have clear, concise and accurate communications skills in English, both verbal and written\. Grooming and dress must be appropriate for the position and must not impose a safety risk to self or others\. Must maintain a positive work atmosphere by behaving and communicating in a professional manner\. Dependable personal transportation to work site is required\. **Primary Location** United States\-Michigan\-Dearborn **Req ID:** PFO0000C0