Youth Advocate*

Texas State Job Bank CORPUS CHRISTI, TX

About the Job

1. Provide age-appropriate educational activity programs for children. 2. Assure that youth activity services are utilized at a maximum and that client needs are met in an appropriate, non-discriminatory manner after school, evenings, Saturdays, and through special summer programming. 3. Advocate for child clients by linking families to the local school district as appropriate. 4. Provide referrals to other areas of programming and/or agencies as appropriate. 5. Provide for the accurate, relevant, and timely flow of information to agency staff. 6. Coordinate efforts to ensure the smooth operation of Youth Services by periodically evaluating effectiveness, appropriateness, service delivery, and cost efficiency. 7. Ensure that volunteers are incorporated into youth programming. Ensure appropriate records are maintained regarding clients and service delivery. 8. Ensure that appropriate records are maintained for reporting requirements. 9. Ensure timely preparation of administrative documents and reports as requested/required. 9. Maintain accurate record of working hours, mileage, etc. 10. Prepare records or reports as required. 11. Attend all meetings as directed