Warehouse Worker

Lineage Logistics Denison, IA

About the Job

Job Summary: The general warehousemen stocks items and selects (“picks”) for filling customer orders. + Reads and follows computerized work orders to determine quantities and types of products to be shipped. + Identifies products requested through work order through reading, interpreting, and scanning pallet identification (PID) numbers; locates requested items in warehouse. + Reads computers for pallet ID code of items to be stocked; processes and stocks items in the correct location within the warehouse. + Changes over pallets for picking, visually inspects items for damages or flaws; documents and reports damages to supervisors or leads. + Lifts carries and sets requested items in an organized fashion onto a pallet for shipping; aided through use of a forklift. + Packs, seals or labels to prepare materials/pallets for shipping, using hand or power tools. + Documents and verifies counts of picked items through handled computers; alerts supervisors/inventory control to the issue and awaits further directions for rectifying the problem. + Helps other warehouse personnel at end of shift with putting away/organizing warehouse. The general warehouse unloads shipments and supplies from delivery trucks. + Receives and counts stock items; records data manually or using computer. + Verifies inventory computation by comparing them to physical counts of stock, and investigate discrepancies or adjust errors. + Inspects temperatures of received items; documents if temperature does not meet requirements. + Visually inspects shipment items for quality, including identifying errors or defects; may take pictures to provide to suppliers. + Records shipment data, such as weight, charges, space availability, damages, or discrepancies for reporting, accounting, or recordkeeping purposes. + Reports any inventory discrepancies (e.g., quantity or labeling issues) to supervisors or shipping clerk; legibly documents the incident on a written log. + Packs items to be stocked on shelves in stockrooms warehouses. + Marks stock items using identification tags, stamps, electric marketing tools or other labeling equipment. The general warehousemen loads shipments and supplies to delivery trucks for disbursement. + Verifies counts, recounts, and files appropriate paperwork. + Evenly distributes weight throughout truck while on-boarding items. + Ensures units are organized properly to reduce movement. The general warehousemen works as a team with other warehouse personnel, leads, clerks and supervisors. + Confers with supervisors upon arrival. + Receives update pertaining to the previous day’s/weeks activity. + Remains informed of any issues that may arise on the coming shift. + Stays aware of new projects/customers. + Communicates with warehouse personnel, managers, and supervisors verbally about stocking/shipment needs and issues. + Confers with supervisors and other warehouse personnel to initiate, plan and review work activities and to resolve production problems. + Receives assignment(s) for the day from the office. + May be designated to primarily selecting orders (“picking”), docking (in-bounding, out-bounding, or put-aways), or a combination of several roles. + Receives oral and written instructions from supervisors, follows instructions. + Trains new and seasonal employees, follows advice through training and mentorship programs. The general warehousemen prepares and monitors tools, equipment, and products to observe safety and quality regulations. + Prepares for shift through warm-up drills and stretches. + Wears safety equipment at all times, including freezer gear (hats, gloves, boots) and reflective outwear. + Inspects designated equipment at beginning of shift for problems, including misalignment, physical wear, flaws, or obstruction. + Goes through computerized or written safety checklist attached to equipment. + Documents and informs supervisors if equipment does not pass inspection. + Notifies other employees or supervisors if problems occur while equipment. + Follows a standard procedure to prepare the machine or equipment for stocking/loading in order to maintain a safe environment. + Carefully handles items in order to maintain quality and integrity of products. + Powers down forklifts/lift trucks after use; puts on emergency breaks; lowers forks + Participates in safety training at the beginning of employment and following any documented employee accident in the warehouse. General Education Factors + Listening skills, oral comprehension skills, active listening + Writing abilities + Use of computers + Oral communication skills, oral expression, speech clarity + Reading abilities and skills + Mathematical skills + Supervisory or leadership skills