Federal Work Study Student 2017/18 - Research Assistant

SUNY Upstate Medical University Syracuse, NY

About the Job

Research Assistant (RA) to take on various roles in the support of courses across the PT Education curriculum. Approval by the course instructor and the work-study coordinator - Dr. Michelle Dolphin is required. Various levels of supervision based on the tasks being completed should be expected. Hours may include am or pm M-F and may include weekends. The number of hours per week may vary depending on work load and phase of research. Second or Third year DPT student who has successfully completed all coursework to date. Strong performance in the DPT program is a likely requisite and approval will be granted based on a submitted letter of interest to Michelle Dolphin. Supervisor and Contact: Michelle Dolphin 464-6917 Alternate Contact - Dr. Katherine Beisner - Chair PT Education Department Must be a current student enrolled at Upstate Medical University and approved for financial aid through the Student Financial Aid office at Upstate.