Part Time - Animal Care Specialist

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando Sanford, FL

About the Job

The primary responsibilities of the Part Time Animal Care Specialist are to: + Provide general care and maintenance of shelter animals, helping to increase the number of animals that remain healthy during their shelter stay through general animal, kennel and shelter cleanliness, + Support the receiving and adoption processes. The Animal Care Specialist works in collaboration with Medical Operations and designated volunteers. The Animal Care Specialist is very visible to the public and interacts routinely with all areas of operations. Designated volunteers may report to the Animal Care Specialist. This position reports to the Shelter Manager/Sanford or Senior Operations Manager/Orlando. In that person’s absence, the Animal Care Specialist reports to the Assistant Manager or Team Leader. RESPONSIBILITIES: + Prepare food, then feed and provide water for animals on a regular, scheduled basis + Clean, disinfect kennels, cages and associated work areas with chemical solutions + Bathe, groom and exercise animals to support their overall health and wellbeing + Monitor animals to ensure adequate and humane treatment and to detect early signs of disease + Support Pet Alliances’ receiving process by interviewing and counseling individuals releasing their animals + Examine and evaluate all incoming animals, including providing vaccinations and medications + Support adoption process by screening incoming and adoptable animals and counseling potential pet adopters on their selection of pets, animal care and responsibility + Provide telephone follow-up with adopting families as schedule permits + Provide information to the public, by telephone or in person, on a wide variety of animal issues + Handle financial transactions with customers, routinely reconciling receipts and services provided + Maximize donation and cross-selling opportunities + Inventory and restock merchandise as needed + Complete and process necessary paperwork + Maintain animal inventory in accordance with Pet Alliances’ policies and procedures + Assist and/or perform euthanasia in a humane and proper fashion, when necessary + Supervise volunteers + Perform general maintenance and cleaning of all shelter areas including grounds maintenance + Perform delivery or supply pick-ups as needed + Maintain dress code and proper attitude at all times. + Attend staff meetings and training as required. + Perform any other duties as assigned to meet the needs of the organization. QUALIFICATIONS: + High school diploma or equivalent + Basic skills in animal handling and basic knowledge of pet care and breed identification + At least one (1) year of general work experience in a team environment Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is an equal-opportunity employer, a drug-free workplace and compliant with ADA accommodations. Regardless of race, color, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, age, religion, national origin, disability, veteran’s status, military leave, or other characteristics protected by applicable federal, state, or local law, Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando affords equal opportunity to all qualified Employees and applicants for employment. We stand together in our dedication to the well-being of animals and pet owners, embracing their diversity as well.